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Facial implants enhance facial features to create better facial proportions .Facial implants may be specialized for the cheeks, chin or jaw.

How much time is required for Facial Implants:
It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete a facial implant surgery. Time requirements can vary depending on facial area being augmented and the extent of work necessary.

Do I require admission or Is it an Outpatient procedure?
Usually hospital stay of 1-2 days are required
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What are the Side Effects of Facial Implants?
Facial implants side effects can include temporary numbness, restricted jaw movement, bruising, or swelling. Potential side effects vary depending on the area in which the implant is being inserted.
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How Long do Facial Implants results last?
Facial implant results are generally considered permanent, but can depend on the material used.
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How much time it take for Facial Implants recovery?
Most patients are able to return to work about one week into facial implant recovery (about 1 week after having the surgery done). Depending on the area of treatment, patients may experience a numb feeling or troubled jaw movement, or they may notice bruising or swelling. This usually fades within the first week of facial implant recovery.
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Is there any restriction for food after implants?
If the incision is inside the mouth,to prevent infection, some restrictions are placed. Otherise not much restriction is reqiured after 2 weeks. Soft diet may be prescribed after surgery.
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How much discomfort is there after Facial Implants?
After insertion of facial implants, pain and discomfort may usually persist for about a week. The discomfort can be easily controlled with oral pain medication
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What types of anesthesia is necessary for Facial Implants?
Usually general.
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Chin implants are used to increase a chin, providing patients with an improved, more proportionate chin and structured jawline.

Patients usually undergo this procedure to correct a receding chin, or one that is small in relation to other facial features.

How much time does it take for recovery from Chin Implants Surgery?
There is some swelling which lasts for about 4-7 days. After a week most patients can go to their offices.

Exercise should be postponed for about 4 weeks
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Cheek implants enhance the appearance of the cheek bones, creating a fuller, more flattering cheek structure and more proportionate facial features. Aesthetic enhancement, as well as those looking to rejuvenate a sunken cheek structure, may pursue cheek implants. Usually the incision for this procedure is inside the mouth, so invisible.

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How much time does it take for recovery from Cheek Implants Surgery?
Face being a stretchable structure, swelling is present in most cases and can last for more than a week. but it does subside. If incision is placed inside the mouth, the sutures will dissolve naturally. If at the eye, they are usually removed about 4-5 days after surgery. If it was a hairline incision, the sutures are usually removed around 10 days after having the procedure.

Patients can usually go to their offices in about 10 days time.
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Jaw implants enhance a receding jaw bone structure, adding definition and providing more appropriate prominence. The result is a more attractively proportioned jaw bone structure.

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